Simple clamp sealing operation

Simple clamp sealing operation

Leaking equipment and location

   Leaking equipmentAniline synthesis converter

   Leaking locationcover flange facing leak

2, The relevant specification of the leaking location

    Outer diameter of the flangeUpper and lower flange are both φ2920

   Flange connection gapMaximum gap is 10mmminimum gap is 8mm

   The distance from flange outer edge to bolt: Maximum distance is 15 mm

   Flange thickness: Upper flange is 160 mmlower flange is 130 mm

   Connecting bolt quantity and specificationM30,84 stud bolts

   Mismatching of the upper and lower flange:     part is properly match;  


the maximum mismatching is 1.5mm.

3,  Leaking medium


System pressure / MPa

System temp. /




4, Sealing method

        Apply simple clamp

      Clamp structureheat and bend the plate and weld it to make a simple clamp

      Strength calculation

In the formula

S  — clamp thicknessmm

D  clamp inner diameter:

      equal to flange outer diameter 2920 mm

Pc — designed pressurePc = 0.2 + 0.4 = 0.6 MPa

[σ]t — the allowable stress of the clamp material

         working temperature [σ]t = 105 MPa

φ — welding efficientφ=1.

Clamp manufacture

 a, Heat and bend the plate of 50mm width8mm thick

 b, Reinforcement measures

weld φ8 reinforcing steel bar to in the middle of the plate in circumferential direction

weld M12 nuts at injection ports for strengthening

make the simple clamp into 6 sections, for the better power distribution

Ear thickness 20mm.

 c, Clamp sketch

. Sealant selection and amount estimation

  Sealant selection

The material expansion of the sealing structure would changes with the temperature. Apply sealant TXY-8# to facilitate the complementary injection. 

  Amount estimation

    Approximately need 34kg of sealant.

5,  Sealing effect observation

  Sealing effect

    experiment with air tightness test after injection.

Influencing elements for the project quality

Compensation measure

Main problems

Influences on quality

Fixture reinforcement measures

Sealant selection

Injection method

Clamp strength allowance

Influence bearing capacity

Built-up construction, add nuts, and apply 6 sections.

Txy-8# has low initial injection pressure, good for filling.

Control extruding transmission speed

System temperature change


Clamp expansion at different temperature affects the sealing result.

Make complementary injection after the temperature changed

Txy-8#  is no curing sealant good for complementary filling

Slowly press pressure for complementary injection

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