The application of the modified clamp in sealing operation

The application of the modified clamp in sealing operation

leaking location and condition

   leaking location: flange DN150mm  at the reserved pump outlet of the boiler feed water

   leaking condition

2  leaking medium parameter

Leaking medium

System pressure /MPa

System temperature/

Working condition characteristics

Hot water



150normal temperature

3.  Sealing operation method

Clamp structuremake annular groove for sealing cavity reinforcement.

Sealant selectionapply sealant TXY-18#, which  could quickly set up the bearing capability.

Sealing method

  set up the block by injecting in the annular groove;

  control the injection time in accordance to sealant curing characteristics.

Sealing operation procedure

4, Sealing operation procedure

  connect the adaptor to each injection port, and install the clamp;

  drain the medium by the main injection port and inject the sealant at the annular groove

  inject . Compact the sealant in the sealing cavity and also make complementary injection after the sealant getting cured

  block at the end and inject the sealant in the middle sealing cavity.

5. Set up sealing cavity

    Inject from the port which is farthest from the main leaking port. Slight approach to the main leaking point.

   Initial injection pressure

   Friction resistance of the injection pressure

   Resistance of the leaking medium

   The condition of the area filled

    The sealant goes toward two sides from the injection port in the sealing cavity

   The sealant flow toward the cavity interior

   Form a dense integer with the obstruction force increasing

   The sealant forms bedding surface at the edge area.

. The change inside sealing cavity

. Set up the effective sealing stress

The sealing pressure of the last injection is equal to the system pressure

Slowly add pressure, and the elastic energy accumulated with the extrusion pressure transmission. 

    Sealing completed

Control the pressure increasing, and make immediate second round of  injection in case of stress relaxation.

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