filling joint


Introduction valve
It is the stopcock that connects the filling gun with the clamp. It consists of four specifications, namely M8/M20, M10/M20, M12/M2 and M14/20. The frequently used is the M12/M20, what is used under high pressure is the M14/M20, an under particular circumstances, the valve packing box wall drill filling glue uses the M10/M20.
 Reversing joint
When the clamp filling hole encounters the barrier, the connection filling gun will be blocked. Through the reversing joint, the clamp is connected with the filling valve. In this way, the sealant is adjusted and injected. The reversing joint clamp filling holes form the 90 ° and 120 ° detections to the connecting holes, subject to the requirements.
Figure of the reversing joint



Screw filling joint
Through the screw to connect the joint, and through the bolt hole to inject the sealant. The operation procedure: in line with the dimension of the diameter of the bolt, select the screw that matches the corresponding specification to inject the joint, disassembling the bolt and the nut, the screw is injected to screw down the nut. The filling gun is met through injecting the sealant. It could match M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M32, M34 and M36 (altogether twelve specifications) for use of bolts.

Quick joints
It is an apparatus to quickly connect and cut the liquid passage setting, consisting of plug and socket. The plug filling gun is connected with the exit of manometer of high-pressure oil pump, and the socket is connected with the high-pressure hose. After the connection is made for the passageway, and both sides are cut away, which could endure the maximum pressure of 70Mpa.

Figure of quick joint


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