Drilling Tools
Pneumatic drill
It is used in the spot operation subject to the requirement for explosion protection, with such features as secure and convenient operation and high efficiency. The air supply is 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa. In line with particular conditions, polyamide compressed air vessel with proper length and corresponding quick joint could be selected for matching.
Pneumatic drill


2. Chargeable electric drill
With charger and chargeable battery, it could drill holes, screw down (bolt), thread and clean sealant. The diameter of the largest drilled hole is 10mm.
(1) Model and specification
Model: 601DW model Specification and technical data

Application Scope

Winding number (per minute)


Net weight


10mm (3/8 inch)


227mm (9 inch)

1.1kg(2.4 pound)

7000 Battery case

· DC9710 DC9710Model


Power input

Power output

7.2 ~ 7.2V

(only AC) 50-60 Hz

D . C . 7.2 — 9.6 DC 7.2-9.6V

(2) Figure of chargeable electric drill

10mm (3/8  ) 601DW-type with charger
(3) Long drill  4 × 150mm and  4 × 200mm super-long drill could be used to seal leaked drill holes and glue holes with valve packing box.


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